BCLC recognized for holiday campaign “Joy to give, but not to kids”

Cool Sign 848x480The U.S.-based National Council on Problem Gambling together with McGill University’s International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors have worked for the past couple of years encouraging lottery organizations like BCLC to warn parents about the risk of giving lottery products to young people as Christmas gifts. Continue reading

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CMA Journal criticizes hospital lotteries used as fundraisers

$tethescopeA recent edition of the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) includes an editorial by editor-in-chief Dr. John Fletcher critical of charitable lotteries organized by/for hospitals as major fundraisers.  This of course prompted all kinds of headlines across Canada, including: “Hospital lotteries ‘should do no harm’” (Vancouver Sun), “Hospital lotteries may harm gamblers” (Globe and Mail), and “Medical journal questions morals of hospital lotteries” (Victoria Times Colonist).

 I should point out that neither I nor BCLC are associated in any way with the hospital lotteries that occur in British Columbia.  They operate under license from the Gaming Policy & Enforcement Branch which is exclusively responsible for their regulation and oversight.

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Recovery Day: something to celebrate on September 8

High FiveOver the years I’ve had the opportunity to meet a number of recovered addicts and to hear many of them tell their stories.  Whether their addictions come from drugs, alcohol or gambling, or some combination of the three, they often share similar experiences in battling their particular demons.

They typically speak of loss in many forms: financial, social connections, employment, marriage and family.  Their stories often transpire over many years, through what seems an almost interminable journey of single-minded self-destruction in which it seems nothing is more important than satisfying their addiction.

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New Horizons 2014 registration now open…and lots of improvements are in the works

NHRG Web Site.jpgThe 2014 New Horizons in Responsible Gambling conference launched a brand new website this week, and registrations are now being accepted with terrific Early Bird discounts.  And the BCLC team is definitely on track to provide an even better learning and networking experience than the last one.

One new feature being tried this year is the introduction of a new way to learn and interact directly with researchers and others engaged in problem gambling treatment or prevention: poster sessions.

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Canadian gaming jurisdictions looking to improve VSE programs

VSE Brochure

BCLC’s VSE brochure

Over the past two to three years Canadian gaming jurisdictions such as Nova Scotia, Manitoba and British Columbia have undertaken major reviews of their Voluntary Self-Exclusion VSE programs, while others have continued to tweak their programs to improve their effectiveness for participants.  With the objective of continuous improvement they’ve also individually and collectively commissioned new research to test impacts of these changes or to advance understanding of new areas for improvement.

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